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Wordy Puzzle

Promote your young one's brain development with the Wordy puzzle from Wordy. Encourages problem-solving and motor development. Contains child-safe paint and ink. Your young one will learn problem-solving, motor control, and...

Soap Sox

Bath time for your little ones is better with a cuddly friend! Miles the Elephant, Harper the Hippo or Hunter the Gator from Soap Sox makes bath time fun for...

Wordy Macaroons Toy

These colorful, all-wood Macaron language toys from Wordy promote early literacy and language exposure. Strengthen your child's cognitive function with bilingual learning. Made with child-safe paint and ink.

Wordy enSALAda Toy (English Only)

Learning languages is fun and healthy with the Wordy EnSALADA language toy. This toy set contains several pieces that your child can customize and experiment with while gaining literacy and...

Hair Love - Matthew A Cherry

Highlighting a relationship between a Black father and daughter, Love Hair written by Matthew A. Cherry tells a story when Daddy stepped up to ensure his daughter has an extra...