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Callie Décor

Love Yours: Self-love is key to a better life. Renowned rapper J. Cole put these words of wisdom to tape, and Callie Décor immortalized them with this hand-painted wall tapestry. Now...

Ani + Co Sage

Get that bull*t out the air with this single 4-5" stick. Relax your mood and clear the stress out of your space by burning away unwanted bacteria from around your aura.

Ani + Co Palo Santo

Lets clear the air, purify your space, and raise the vibrations. This three piece bundle will get rid of that negative energy and invite a cool calm spirit around your...

Frères Brachiaux Room Spray

Create a warm environment with Love Jones Room Spray from Freres Branchiaux. Scent notes of apple, peach, cherry blossoms, dark musk ,and much more create a floral scent in your...

Frères Brachiaux Diffuser

Relax after a long day with this floral diffuser base from Freres Branchiaux. Contains notes of floral, vanilla, and lavender.

Ani+Co Candle

Straight out of Brooklyn, these handmade luxury coconut wax candles are fragrances that are meant to reclaim your inner peace while using eco-friendly materials. Capri: Experience the comfort of a luxury...

Frères Brachiaux Candle

This premium soy candle from Freres Branchiaux has calming, relaxing qualities that remind you of good times. Contains scent notes of apple, peach, lilac, cedar, sandalwood, and much more. 4...

Heaven Scent Candle

Revel in a mood-boosting, long-lasting, fresh scent from the Hey Daddy reed diffuser from Heaven Scent Candle. Contains marine, camphor, and pineapple top notes. 8 oz. 8 black dacron diffuser...

Soap Distillery Candle

Beer + Cigarettes candles from Soap Distillery offer a fresh, revitalizing take on familiar scents. Light up the room and remember the good times with scent notes of tobacco, lavender,...

Regular *** Candles

Create a haven within your home with candles from Regular Ass Candles. Burn time of 80 hours brings hell of a value... Solo Holiday there's nothing wrong with a night alone....