These books are curated for their strong imagery, flavors, and stories from Black authors and photographers.


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Black Food Book

Black Food Book by Bryant Terry offers a fresh, revitalizing take on the Black culinary experience . Try out a new recipe, enjoy an essay, or admire the stunning artwork....

Cooking From the Spirit - Tabitha Brown

This one is a New York Times BEST Seller baby! This family-friendly vegan cookbook, full of recipes and stories from the spirit, is inspired by Tabitha's heath journey and love...

My America - Recipes From A Young Black Chef

What's your favorite kind of food? It'll be American when Kwame gets done with you! This debut cook book from Kwame Onwuachi, gets into his personal journey in food and...

The Full Plate - Ayesha Curry

Chef Curry with the pot boi! This "No Time and a LOT TO DO" cookbook is for families to find their way back to the kitchen and have meals together....

Ghetto Gastro - Black Power Kitchen

Elevate your kitchen with these vibrant recipes, interviews, art and photography celebrating Black culture from Ghetto Gastro. Ghetto Gastro is a collective of chefs and food enthusiasts with Bronx ties, that...


Celebrate Reggae Culture with this iconic tribute by legendary screen director Ted Bafaloukos. Travel down memory lane and revel in rare photos and stills taken during the filming of Rockers.

Black Boy Fly Book

Looking for Black male inspiration? Black Boy Fly just made it easy. This collection explores a positive contemporary Black male identity. It features pictures narrating the Black male experience from...

Black Futures Book

Re-imagine the future with Black Futures. Discover, plan, and prepare for the future as a Black content creator.

Afro Surf Book

Afro Surf Book makes diving into the history, culture, and experience of surfing in Africa fun. Change the narrative about surfing. Filled with photos, essays, playlists, it is written to...

Hair Love - Matthew A Cherry

Highlighting a relationship between a Black father and daughter, Love Hair written by Matthew A. Cherry tells a story when Daddy stepped up to ensure his daughter has an extra...

Be Rooted

Be rooted and mkoby put their heads together for this all-purpose spiral journal. A beautiful front cover reminds you to keep your head up through anything that comes your way....

Hail The Dark Lioness - Zanele Muholi

South African visual activist Zanele Muholi uses her body as a canvas to channel her personal artistic views on race and identity in politics.  Using body as a focal point and...